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'Pictured by Lucie'

Originally from France, I've made Aotearoa my home for over 9 years. I have a deep appreciation for its beauty, rich culture, and warm-hearted people. I'm here to help you tell your unique story, ensuring that you (or your food/product) are presented in the best possible light. I am based in Hamilton, available for travel and can work remotely.

Photography and food are my true passions, which took root when I first borrowed my parents' camera and immersed myself in the mouthwatering flavours of Provence. Through dedicated learning under esteemed mentors, I became inseparable from my camera. Encouraging feedback from industry professionals propelled me to turn this passion into my dream job.


Over time, I have honed my skills in natural and artificial lighting, editing and retouching, as well as food and prop styling. Drawing upon my background and experience, I have a solid grasp of the specific needs that projects entail. I'm keen to team up and bring a creative approach to the table. I can't wait to dive into the details of your project!

'Lucie Lemon’

I had the privilege of contributing to the awesome team at My Food Bag for over three years, working in one of New Zealand's top studios:

"As one of the super-talented photographers behind our stunning food pics, Lucie ‘Lemon’ loves living out her passion everyday with the My Food Bag team. A visual storyteller at heart, she is passionate about showcasing food in the most appetising way possible. Lucie is an avid foodie too, with a love of Japanese food, 'especially sushi and sashimi with sweet soy sauce and lots of pickled ginger!'. When she’s not behind the camera, you’ll find Lucie on the dance floor doing Latin dancing and enjoying healthy food with the people she loves."

If you want to join forces and bring your vision to life, don't hesitate to get in touch!

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Professional, diligent and an absolute pleasure to work with. Lucie is creative, works well under pressure and delivers excellent work.


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