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Freelance Photographer based in Hamilton, NZ

Kia Ora & Bonjour!

Originally from France, Aotearoa has been my home for about 8 years. 

I fell in love with its beauty, its culture and its people.

Photography and food is where my passion lies and where Life has taken me. I have developed skills in editing, natural & studio lighting as well as food & prop styling over the years.

'Work hard have fun' is my motto.

I feel very lucky to do what I love. Thanks to my background and experience, I understand the special needs projects require and I am thrilled to collaborate on a creative approach. (Flick me a message, let's chat about your project!)

Lucie ‘Lemon’


"As one of the super-talented photographers behind our stunning food pics, Lucie ‘Lemon’ loves living out her passion everyday with the My Food Bag team. A visual storyteller at heart, she is passionate about showcasing food in the most appetising way possible. Lucie is an avid foodie too, with a love of Japanese food, 'especially sushi and sashimi with sweet soy sauce and lots of pickled ginger!'. When she’s not behind the camera, you’ll find Lucie on the dancefloor doing Latin dancing and enjoying healthy food with the people she loves."

I had the chance to work at My Food Bag for over 3 years where I've learnt so much and worked with an amazing team and in one of the best studios in New Zealand, until I moved to Hamilton to start a family. 

Thanks for your message!

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address: Forest Lake, Hamilton

Curriculum - Professional Photographer


2019/2022 - Photographer - My Food Bag / Fresh Start / Bargain Box / MADE - Auckland, NZ

2016/2019 - Creative/photographer - Maison Vauron / L'Atelier du Fromage / La Fromagerie - Auckland, NZ

2016 - Photo/picture editor - We Tv / We Editions - Paris, France

2016 - Photographer/picture editor - Le Petit Fûté - Paris, France

2015/present - Freelance Photographer - Lucie Smeriglio Photography

2015/2016 - Photography business courses - Estienne School - Paris, France

2014 - Photographer Assistant - Mara Sommer - Auckland, NZ

2013 - Photographer Assistant - Daniel Garcia - Montpellier, France

2013 - Graphic Designer - Let's Motiv Magazine - Montpellier, France

2012/2013 - Art Director - Fac & You Magazine - Montpellier, France

2012 - Photographer Assistant - Steven Morlier - Montpellier, France

2011/2014 - Freelance Model - France

2010/2013 - Bachelor Information-Communication - Montpellier, France

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