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Tips for the traveling photographer

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

New Zealand is a paradise for photographers, but here's some advice for you to make the most of it, wherever you are traveling!

1. Always have your camera with you: Discovering the country through my lens is always an enjoyment, but when you travel each day to a new place it feels like a marathon of discoveries... I just can't stop shooting! If you don't have your camera with you and miss out on something it's very frustrating, right?!

2. Stop at cafes that have free wi-fi to make your eating routine your post routine: Every couple days I was sharing my adventures with my friends, family and followers. It can be quite challenging when you don't have power, wifi or reception. It's not always easy, but I love a challenge!

3. I have found that having wifi integrated in my full-frame camera was a great advantage. You can directly import your photos to your phone (which you can plug onto the cigarette-lighter, so it doesn't take much of your camera's battery)

4. Plenty of batteries and cards! Be wild... You want to be as free and as safe as possible and not having to worry about running out of space or battery, trust me!

5. Have a good editing app on your phone, personally I love Lightroom for both computer and phone (plus you can connect your account on both devices).

6. Edit quickly, enjoy fully: when you're traveling, you want to spend the most time appreciating your trip, the beautiful landscapes and the people you're with, so be confident on what you want to achieve and pick only the photos that stand out the most to you.

7. Write your post before sleeping, that way it will be a great way to reflect on your day and highlight the best moments that you want to share with the world.

8. Why not add a bit of humour to it? After all we all love to laugh at others and ourselves, and you'll be sure to smile in your sleep!

9. 'Share the love' and 'Spread your jam': use a method that will post throughout all your preferred social medias at once, that way you won't have to copy and paste everything! I made the mistake myself and wished I had known about these tools earlier! Also if you do use your laptop, I've discovered that you can add a plugin to Lightroom that posts directly to Instagram... Pretty handy.

10. Cherish those memories! Below a few of mine on my last South Island trip:

The RV parked right by the ocean, endless light and wind for a stunning first evening in the South Island.

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