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10 Tips for food photography: create a visual feast, whether you're a photographer or an avid foodie

Ever wondered how we shoot beautiful recipe photos at My Food Bag?

I'm sharing with you my TOP 10 tips for photographing food and some sweet secrets to good food photography too! YUM!

1. Lighting is paramount, shooting next to a window for example or using studio lights help achieve a professional look

2. Keep in mind composition, for example using lines, diagonals, S shape, rule of thirds, number of items, negative space, etc.

3. Complimentary colours in the food and props is also very important

4. The food should contrast with the dish/its surroundings to make it pop and be the hero of the shot

5. Undercook the food to keep the bright colours is sometimes necessary

6. The use of a software allowing live view to see what’s happening on the screen is very helpful to build the shot and make changes, it’s also helpful having an overlay to see where copy goes and where it will be cropped

7. Beautiful props can add texture, colour, style and help tell a story

8. Choosing the best angle for the type of food is essential

9.Keep it simple and natural, less is best sometimes

10. Play with the scene and make it look real, add hands/human elements, make a ‘mess’, have FUN

Read the full article Create a visual feast: 10 tips for photographing food on My Food Bag's blog:

"My Food Bag photographer Lucie Smeriglio lets us in on her top 10 tips for taking your food snaps from average to awesome. Are you finding it tricky to perfect your food pics on Facebook and Instagram? We’re here to help! Our amazing photography team sure knows their stuff when it comes to making food looks its best, so we thought we’d share some of their wisdom to help you take your photos to the next level. My Food Bag photographer Lucie Smeriglio lets us in on the small things that make a big difference."...

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